Tackle Food Waste with Nature
The plant-based protective coating technology that extends shelf-life by 3x

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Prevent Spoilage
Reduce Plastic Consumption
Increase Profitability

Nature Gave Us The Solution To Food Waste

Our Peelon solution is a 100% plant-based, odorless, tasteless, edible protective coating technology that is applied onto fresh produce and extends the shelf life by up to 3x. 

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Our Technology

Our technology brings solutions to the gaps in the global food supply chain industry by providing a 100% plant-based protective coating technology that can be easily applied onto a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables.

This application is 100% safe to consume, and it ensures that freshness and taste remain intact, shelf life is increased by up to 3x, and the use of conventional plastics is reduced.

No Dehydration
No Oxidation
No Microbial Growth

How Does It Work?

We've seen how agriculture plays an essential role in the world's economy. We feel that Peelon would be an ideal fit in in the global food supply chain by reducing the losses in the gaps and in increasing the efficiency in production.

Some areas that would benefit greatly would be in the logistic processes of transportation, reduction of energy waste that comes from high-powered cooling systems, and the flourishing of better economic positions for smaller businesses that are benefiting from the reduction of food loss.

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All Thanks To The Innovation of Nature
Reduce post-harvest loss
Improve food security
Sustainable Supply chain
Mitigate Global Warming

The Peelon Footprint

Different Countries
Unique Locations
Fruits and Vegetables Tested
Kgs Produce Saved

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Join Our Mission

We invite you to join our mission of impacting PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT through the innovation of nature.

And our motivation behind this is because you, our planet, and our future generations deserve a healthy and sustainable future.

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The Minds Behind Peelon

A perfect blend of technology, innovation, business mixed with extensive experience in plant & food preservation research

Dr.Taraka Ramji Moturu
Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

PhD in Plant Sciences, 8+ Years of Experience, Global Shaper

Dr.Ravi Ummidi
Cofounder & Chief Technology Officer

PhD in Plant & Food Preservation, 10+ Years Experience

Andres Diaz
Cofounder & Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and Branding strategist, 4+ Years Experience

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